This is a list of a few of my projects:
  • SARPGE is a C++/SFML2 based action-rpg game engine.

  • Little Adventure is an action-rpg game I made with SARPGE as a project in my OOP class.

  • Hablog is a simple static blog platform with tags which powers this blog. Made with Haskell and Scotty.

  • Pureli is a purely functional, dynamically typed, parallel evaluated lisp written in Haskell.

  • Roots is the first game I made for Ludumdare. Written in Haxe using HaxeFlixel.

  • 01 is a game I made for Ludumdare 34. Written in PureScript.

  • HIP-8 is a purely functional CHIP-8 emulator written in Haskell using sdl2. You can see it in action in this video.

  • Gathering is a self hosted website for announcing group events and is written in Haskell. Gathering powers

  • x86-debug is an interpreter/debugger/REPL for a small subset of x86 assembly. Written in Haskell.

  • nyanpasu is a compiler for a small expression oriented programming language, using x86 as a target. Written in Haskell and also uses x86-debug.

For more, visit my Github Profile.