Note: I try to update this list from time to time. Last update was on: 03-08-2018.

So you got a taste of functional programming in Haskell, you might have read LYAH or did CIS194 and now, you are looking for ways to transition from a beginner Haskeller to an intermediate Haskeller and beyond, but you are not sure where to go, what to do or what to read.

You came to the right place.

Here is a modest list I composed of a few resources one might want to read or follow after completing LYAH or CIS194, I will also list a few project ideas for you to get started.

Building Haskell Projects

Editor integration

Topic Specific

Project based tutorials


Learning More Haskell

Blogs and Articles

  • Haskell Weekly News is a free email newsletter about the Haskell programming language. Each issue features several hand-picked links to interesting content about Haskell from around the web.

And few project ideas:

  • A unix command line utility like cat, echo, less
  • An over the network Rock Paper Scissors game
  • A static blog/website generator or a dynamic blog with scotty
  • A picture album website
  • A scrapper - go online and get important information from a website you like and display it in a nice way
  • A parser/interpreter/compiler for a small PL - I wrote a blog post on that
  • A chat server
  • A tic tac toe game with gloss

You can also get on IRC, Slack or Reddit and ask for advice and help.

Have fun!